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By | July 12, 2018

i have never added water to my mixes, although i have always thought about it.

Im wondering, lately i have been mixing at around 95% vg with the other 5% being the pg coming from the flavors and what not… the few things that i have noticed from the switch to mostly vaping at 95% vg is that i loove the vapor production.. fantastic, but now im missing that TH i used to like.. so im thinking of adding maybe a little more pg in the mix.. also, ive noticed that i get this weird taste in the back of my throat, almost as if i have too much vg or like a tap water taste in the back notes of any flavor that i am currently vaping. its so weird and annoying.. does anyone know what that is?

maybe i should use some water in my mixes to cut the vg a bit to not make it too thick and see if that weird flavor goes away… i also get that mucus build up in my throat.. i want that to go away also.. anyone know about that and why we get it???

i used to get dry mouth with my mixes, but not anymore.. i must be doing something right.. i wish i can help and tell you guys that i know exactly what it is..


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