The Lancashire Steam Company e-juice review!

By | February 28, 2018

A little while ago I was encouraged to join the Lancashire Vapers Facebook group by an online acquaintance and on there, I met someone who shares my rather unusual surname, mine by marriage.  We got chatting about how they pronounce it compared to how our family does, and even pondered over whether we, or rather he and my husband, share family.

A short time later, I found out he is the owner of the Lancashire Steam Company, a juice vendor that although relatively young, is spoken about with quite an air of wonder and reverence. Neil has sent me these juices free for the purpose of this review, but my reviews as ever are entirely honest.  As usual, scroll for bold if you’re after a skim read.

Looking at the Lancashire Steam Company website, what you see are juice profiles that differ vastly from the typical, with names rooted in Lancashire history, and even anecdotes and historical references for each and every juice. It gives you a sense of the regard Neil has for his roots and for his juices. From tales of the Pendle witches to local colloquialisms, the whole site gives a sense of pride in not just their work but their local history.  I found Neil to be exceptionally helpful and friendly to talk to, which is always a massive plus when buying juices.


The basics

Juices are available in 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg of nicotine at a standard 70VG/30PG ratio from the website above.  All juices are GC-MS lab tested as entirely free of nasties, including diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl.  Data is available for public viewing on their Facebook page.

Juices are posted quickly and exceptionally well packaged (in boxes with styrofoam chips to prevent breakages), and are in dark brown glass dropper bottles – fitted with a standard flat gravity dropper insert, but sent with an alternative pipette lid also should you wish to swap them (I cannot stand gravity dropper caps so I did swap them over).

lsc1 lsc5




10mls for £4.99
30mls for £11.99
50mls for £20.99
100mls for £35.00

There is a special offer on their website currently for a mix and match of 100mls total for £35.

Juice are labelled professionally with clear safety information and tactile triangle stickers, as well as nicotine strength, batch infomation and company details.

lsc4 lsc3



Juices were tested in the Derringer clone, with a single coil build at 1.1 ohm first, then further tested in a dual coil 0.6 ohms build, both with Muji cotton wicking.  Juices marked with an asterisk (*) are identified on the Lancashire Steam Company website as either tank crackers or reacting to PMMA.


Ee Bah Humbug

This is the first of the line that I tried and it was really difficult to move onto others, which surprised me as if I’d read the website I wouldn’t necessarily buy it, not being a licorice fan.  I don’t like licorice vapes mostly because they tend to go more aniseedy, but this one is vastly different.  On sniffing the bottle I got a beautiful mild menthol smell, not overpowering, and sweet sugary mint with a hint of treacle.

I really struggled with the gravity dropper inserts and so wasted a lot of this juice all over my lap the first time I tried to drip it.  I returned to it with the pipette inserted and once I vaped it, I mourned for the loss of that couple of milliletres.  This is without doubt one of the top 3 juices I’ve ever tested.

The inhale is sweet mint and very mild menthol, with plenty of sugar that is in no way sickly.  You get a sticky, dark wash over the sides and back of the tongue that is identified better in the exhale.  To me it isn’t modern licorice as such, more the older style that is more reminiscent of black treacle.  The exhale was buttered peppermint and black treacle to me, a totally authentic black bullet sweet!  Not similar, not almost, I’m talking identical.  It took me back to the last time I had a black bullet, it was a regular treat as a child off my grandad.

A very smooth, flavourful vape that was not too menthol to drip.  I didn’t put it down ’til it was all gone!  Not scrimpy on the clouds either.

Inhale:  Sugared peppermint, mild menthol, sticky dark notes come late in the inhale.
Exhale: Pure black bullet sweets with peppermint and black treacle notes.
Throat hit:  Medium.
Vapor production:  Cloudier than most 70VG/30PG mixes.

Overall:  I’ve had some good mints, and good buttermints, but I’ve not ever had anything as amazing as black bullets in a vape.  Definitely one to buy plenty of.


Boggart’s Breath

This one had me intrigued from the smell on opening the bottle.  I couldn’t place it until my son identified it as guava (being a bit of a Rockstar addict himself).  I may be wrong there but I back him completely, it does indeed smell and taste of guava.

Vaping this added so many more notes though – the inhale is tropical and almost floral, with very slight passionfruit and red and green apple hints that may not be in there, but that’s how it vapes.  The guava is what really pulls this together, making a sweet and fruity inhale.   The exhale is more of the same, but with an almost sticky, syrupy taste that gives the impression of treacle.  I’m aware when I write this that that makes it sound like a cloying vape, one that sticks your mouth together, but it’s not at all.  It’s light and fruity and a very easy all day vape.

The throat hit is very mild, which I think suits this juice well.  It just doesn’t feel necessary to have masses of throat hit with this much flavour and vapor.

Inhale: Guava, with other fruit notes including possibly apple (red and green) and passionfruit, but don’t quote me on it!
Exhale: More of the same with a syrupy note.
Throat hit:  Very mild
Vapor production:  Excellent

Overall:  A real surprise vape – didn’t know they had tropical fruit in Lancashire (lol – only kidding!).  Despite the syrupy notes, this isn’t sticky or sickly at all and makes a really lovely all day vape.


Dibnah’s Delight

Now many of you younger folks may not remember Fred Dibnah.  Born in Bolton and eventually graced with an MBE, he was a world famous steeplejack and graced our tellies for years talking about his favourite interest – steam power.  A very fitting tribute to name a Lanchashire Steam Company juice after him.

You lot know I’m a bit of a fussy one over banana vapes.  I tend to prefer a fresh green banana flavour over the sweet shop foam banana flavours and this one doesn’t disappoint.  From the first sniff to the last puff, this is pure quality.

The inhale is an uber-creamy banana, perfectly sweet and almost cooked in flavour, but a world away from the foam sweets that make me gag.  Behind the banana comes an almost custard pastry flavour, a mix of sweet and savoury that complements the banana beautifully.  The exhale is buttery and light with more cream and banana as well as more of that deliciously buttery pastry.  Despite this being a dessert vape it is again light and super creamy without being too thick.

Inhale:  Cream and banana, followed by light pastry notes
Exhale:  More cream and banana with an almost custardy flavour, more pastry
Throat hit:  Mild
Vapor production:  Extremely good.

Overall:  One of my top two banana juices to date, not overpowering or sickly at all.  Definitely one to try!


Boiler Watter*

Yes WATTER – not water like those posh Southerners say, haha!

On opening the bottle, the Halls Mentholyptus smell gave me the distinct impression that I may not like this vape because of it’s strong eucalyptus smell.  Having gone through a million throat sweets as a child due to repeated throat infections and colds, I haven’t touched those sweets in decades, the mere thought of having one would make my skin crawl.  Now bear with me as I’ve had a bit of an epiphany I am ready to share.  I finally like menthol vapes.  I finally like eucalyptus vapes.  Or rather just this one.  Not just a case of being able to tolerate them for a juice review, I’ve actually been reaching for this.  And it’s this juice that has changed it all for me.   There is a reason, which I’ll come to.

The inhale of this is as it smells, a rich heady eucalyptus based menthol that doesn’t scrimp on flavour or on that “By ‘eck that’s blown me tubes out!” feel to it.  But something creeps up in the background at the end of the inhale that comes into it’s finest in the warm, strong exhale – sugared cinnamon.  I love cinnamon.  I love everything cinnamon.  And it’s made me love this juice like I’ve never loved (or even liked) a menthol before.  It’s warming, and reassuring and everything you’d need in a winter vape.  Not simply relegated to that drawer where you put vapes that you’ll use in an emergency, not something labelled as only good for getting rid of vaper’s tongue, or for vaping when you have a cold, this is simply superb.

Inhale:  Eucalyptus, menthol, sugar
Exhale: More of the above with warming cinnamon
Throat hit: Strong due to the menthol
Vapor production:  Average for a 70VG/30PG

Overall:  A game changer vape – no longer is menthol just for beating a cold or vaper’s tongue, the cinnamon in this blend makes it superb and different from every other menthol so far.


Mist Over Pendle

Named after the famous hillside and town where the witch trials occurred in the 17th Century, this is a real witch’s brew.  On smelling it, I get a herbal scent that is heady and accentuated by an almost aniseed scent.

This comes over as quite a grown up vape, and I know that’s a wishy washy concept but what I mean is that like others from this range, it steps away from the typical flavour profiles that most shops offer and steps into the realms of the rare and distinct.

The inhale is American rootbeer, but it’s not simply that.  Not an over sugared Americanised flavour, this goes way further.  On top of the rootbeer’s aniseedy sasparilla notes, there’s a herbal flavour that is reminiscent of wintergreen, but may not be that.  I don’t get the “forbidden fruit” from the description in there, so will put my hands up and say I’m beaten there.  The throat hit is quite strong and there’s a very warming feeling to the throat and tongue that I can’t put a cause to.  The exhale is similar to the inhale but thicker and warmer, and that warming feeling lasts a long time after.

This vape has me stumped.  I can’t decide if I like it or not, it’s an enigma and it’s peculiar.  It’s not nasty in any way, and I did keep going back to it, but I just can’t tell if it’s one for me.  I suspect this will appeal to those that prefer unique vapes, particularly those who want a more grown up vape than the Astaires and the likes but who like the almost aniseedy rootbeer flavour.  For me this tastes like it should be an old herbal throat medicine, and that’s not a bad thing, but I’m not sure it’s for me.

Inhale:  Rootbeer, sasparilla, aniseedy notes and possibly wintergreen
Exhale:  Very warming, more of the above
Throat hit:  Medium to strong
Vapor production:  Average.

Overall:  Might not be my favourite, but I acknowledge that there’s a lot of work put into this one.  One for the rootbeer and aniseed fans that are looking for a bit more, a bit different and very, very magical.



The smell of this vape transported me back to childhood – that sticky sherbert that got in between your fingers and that was like crack to us as kids.

The inhale is very sweet but with a slightly sharp, almost fizzy tone.  The cherry and lemon flavours are balanced and very much sweetshop inspired as you’d expect from the name.  To me they’re more like those “double lollies” you got that were big, round and almost chalky, in that there is some sour but it’s not so sharp it makes your eyes water.  The exhale is very much about the cherry flavour for me and is sweeter than the inhale.

I really like this one in smaller doses in rotation with others.  This was a little sweet for my personal taste to be an all day vape, but for those who like those types of vapes, this is certainly your cup of tea.

Inhale:  Cherry, milder sweetshop inspired lemon, sugar, sherbert
Exhale:  More cherry, sugar
Throat hit:  Non-existent
Vapor production:  Good even for a 70VG/30PG

Overall:  Reminiscent of sticky sherberty fingers as a child, one for the sweetshop vape lovers.


The Governess*

My friends and family know I’m a big fan of lemon anything.  Just about anything, apart from honey and lemon Lockets.  Lemon cake, lemon curd, lemon meringue pie.  This vape appeals to me in so many ways, but my love for all things lemon means I’m also quite picky about lemon ejuices.

This juice actually made me “Ooooo” out loud.  Not once, but three times.  I will say that not a lot comes through for me apart from the lemons (and perhaps a background note of some sweeter fruit to balance it, which I cannot identify).

The inhale is multiple types of lemon for me.  I get the sweetshop lemon bonbon flavour which alone would be nice but perhaps a let down.  But then in comes a fresh lemon flesh flavour, and further through the inhale again what I can only describe as a Sicilian lemon flavour, zestier and decadent.  I get a similar warmth on the exhale as I do in the Mist Over Pendle – a very warm throat that lasts, which makes me wonder what I’ve missed.  Perhaps a teeny weeny bit of menthol, but I can’t put my finger on it because those lemons keep slapping me in the chops.  But then I take another vape and I don’t care, because for me it’s all about the lemon, and I’m lost in it, again ooing and aahing over how many-layered and zingy it is.

I could attempt to blag my way through adding other flavours to it, after all I know there are some from checking out the site after I tested these, but that would feel utterly wrong and unfair and fake, so I won’t.  I’m simply brought back to the different lemon flavours every time I try.

Inhale:  Lemon – bonbon, fresh flesh and Sicilian zest
Exhale: Warming – lemon lemon lemon lemon
Throat hit:  Medium
Vapor production:  Average

Overall:  Ooooo.  Oooooo.  Oooooooooooo.


Many thanks to Neil Akrigg of the Lancashire Steam Company for the juices and for his patience while I got better and got the review written.   I very much look forward to trying more of their range and will definitely be back for more!



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