The Dangers of E-Cigarettes by Zach Kornbluth on Prezi

By | June 10, 2015

E- Cigarette Ad

Don’t have to step outside to smoke
Won’t be missing anything
The Dangers of E-Cigs
How they work:

1. Insert flavored liquid into the top
2. Wait for the E- Cig to evaporate the liquid
3. Once there is enough vapor you can begin to smoke
In Conclusion
Harmful Effects of E-Cigs
• Addictive —> NICOTINE.
• Step in becoming a smoker.
• Contain toxins, unsafe chemicals, and carcinogens.
• Lowers immune system.
• Unable to clear out virus/bacteria in lungs.
• Susceptible to asthma.
• Heart Disease
Why would a smoker choose e-cigs?
“You can just go online and click yes.”

There is a rumor that you can quit smoking by using e-cigarettes.

It has flavors to appeal to the consumer, as well as the nicotine to keep them coming back for more.
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“Some e-cigarettes have candy flavoring, which could make them appealing to kids.”
“We want parents to know that nicotine is dangerous for kids at any age, whether it’s an e-cigarette, hookah, cigarette or cigar.”
“Nicotine exposure at a young age may cause lasting harm to brain development, promote addiction, and lead to sustained tobacco use.”
“E-cigarettes forces us to confront the reality that the progress we have made in reducing youth cigarette smoking rates is being threatened,”
“Further, the proposed regulations do not limit advertising or flavors such as bubblegum, cherry or chocolate that attract kids.”
Major Ingredients in the Liquid
They’re Sold to You
1. Nicotine – Addictive
2. Propylene Glycol and Glycerin – Toxins and Skin/throat irritation

“But another new study raises the possibility that the liquids used to produce e-cigarette vapors could contain carcinogens or harmful ingredients” (New York Times).

Formaldehyde – Carcinogen, used to preserve dead tissue (such as octopus)

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