Side Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes

By | March 31, 2018

Today’s generation are inclined to different interests and activities to meet their satisfaction and contentment in life. Being the youth members of the society, they are more drawn towards several vices that they see from other people. In effect, these young people are mostly influenced to do such things. There is an array of vices done by lots of people from different locations. Regardless of their age, these luxurious stuffs tend to be passed on from one generation to another. These vices such as drinking alcoholic beverages, cigarette smoking, bar hopping, and many more came to the extent that alternatives were made to minimize the bad effects that it gives us. Use of electronic cigarettes nowadays is becoming popular for the mere fact that it promises us a healthier lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is still considered a cigarette. By definition, there are still side effects of electronic cigarettes that will affect our health.

Why are there side effects of electronic cigarettes?

E-cigarette, just like the normal cigarette still contains deadly substances that are considered as the side effects of electronic cigarettes. This kind of cigarette contains a harmful substance namely, “diethylene glycol”, an element found to be toxic to humans, and does affect our normal breathing. Nicotine is found to be the main element contained in the cigarette. It is in fact the very addictive drug that makes smokers hooked to this particular habit.

Even though nicotine within e-cigarette is formed into liquid, getting dragged to this for a long time can result to several health problems such as mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and many more. These toxic will tremendously give us several problems both in health and lifestyle when attached for a long time.

Side effects of electronic cigarettes – how to avoid?

Different e-cigarette companies were established last 6 years to promote the use of this product. They ensure that this can be the best solution for smokers to quit their cigarette addiction. However, these companies failed to do a commendable marketing strategy to promote their product. Marketing/advertising is considered as one of the side effects of electronic cigarettes brought about by some companies.

Contrary to the solution that they promise to the society, they even added more problems by creating some developments without knowing that children might get affected. Their style of promoting this product has been more towards the younger generation.

In addition, non-smokers can be alarmed by this marketing style for them to start smoking already. Many e-cigarette brands are being offered in different flavours such as chocolate, mint, orange, and strawberry that can catch children’s attention.

Best way to avoid side effects of electronic cigarettes

The innovation of this product cannot be either granted or worth praising for, because of several flaws connected with it. It can be a good substitute, yet there’s still no guarantee that it will give both smokers and passive smokers a fruitful lifestyle. The different side effects of electronic cigarettes prove to be the reasons why this product is not yet that successful. In this manner, it’s still sure-enough that quitting smoking and leaning on towards beneficial activities are the most uncostly, yet productive things towards a vigorous lifestyle.

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