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By | November 29, 2017

Hey there! Dawn here 🙂 Welcome! I am so glad you are here. We are mid-celebration for our 1 month blog birthday. That means for the last month I have been typing away here at this blog hoping to inform and entertain great people like YOU! Yesterday, I did a look back at the first half of the month’s post, but there was an awful lot of information shared with you this past month. Recapping the entire month in one blog would have just been too long for me to… Read more Day 2 of our 1st month look back for the blog! Recap!

We do not have much to sell, so we need to be really good at what we do sell!

Ever wonder what the .Gov sites have to say on e-cigs? Would it surprise you to learn it’s mostly good stuff?

Ever wonder what the bad side effects of e-cigs really? Click here to see!

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