10 Electronic Cigarette Problems – and How to Fix Them!

Having problems with your ecig? You’re not alone. So I sat down with our customer services team and brainstormed the most common problems users have – and the best solutions for them. Some of these are basic tips – but one is a tip I hadn’t heard of until I discussed it with our team.… Read More »

E-cigarettes may harm your lungs the same way tobacco does

E-cigarettes lead to as many lung diseases as tobacco products, a new study has found. The report from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill compared saliva samples from tobacco smokers, e-cigarette smokers and nonsmokers. Researchers found that e-cigarette smokers were likely to develop dangerous proteins associated with lung diseases such as COPD and cystic… Read More »

What are the negative effects of vaping?

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Vaping Propylene Glycol and it’s effects on the human body.

Propylene glycol (PG) has a long history of safety and effectiveness as an additive to everyday products. Many pharmaceuticals use propylene glycol as part of a solution or suspension for the safe delivery of medication. Many beauty products and cosmetics include propylene glycol and it is frequently added to pet food and baby products, such… Read More »

Health Risks of Vaping – SideEffectsOfVaping.com

Side effects and risks of vaping Vaping IS dangerous! We are not saying it’s worse than smoking cigarettes or that if you vape one time you will develop C.O.P.D but anytime you are inhaling something other than clean air, it is bad for you.Some people will make the argument that if you vape a vegetable… Read More »

Dealing with and Curing Vapers Tongue

Every vaper reaches a point while enjoying their favorite flavor eliquid – the vaper tongue. You load your e-cigarette up with your favorite e-liquid flavor, take a deep hit and… Nothing. The vapor is there, but you can’t taste your juice. You’re experiencing “vaper’s tongue.” You don’t necessarily have a bad batch of juice; you’ve… Read More »

Vaping May Make Lungs More Vulnerable to Infection

Vaping has been sold as a safer way to smoke – a way to get a nicotine high without the harmful effects of tobacco and smoke inhalation. But new research shows that inhaling nicotine as a vapor through e-cigarettes may damage the lungs, making them vulnerable to infection. It may also generate the same kinds… Read More »

Brits could face 10 years in jail for vaping in Thailand

British tourists heading for the pristine beaches and wild nightlife of Thailand are being warned not to puff on their e-cigarettes – or face up to ten years in jail. The Foreign Office and travel agents have urged vapers to be on their guard after several Brits were arrested and fined for indulging their habit. … Read More »

Vapers Tongue what is it? How to fix it?

I searched all over the internet looking for the answer, I’ve read medical articles, Science journals, other vaping blogs, and I have boiled down the basic fundamentals of why we get ” Vapers Tongue.” Lets Begin   Taken from merckmanuals.com Our sense of taste is tied very closely to our sense of smell, as you… Read More »

Maine school officials alarmed about rising popularity of vaping

Vaping is a growing substance abuse concern at high schools around the nation, and students in Maine are more likely to have tried an e-cigarette or vaporizer to inhale an aerosol that can contain nicotine, flavoring and other additives that can include … Source link