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By | April 17, 2018

Statistically speaking, it is Difficult to make an Assessment as to the Long Term Effects of e-Cigarette use.

As mentioned, people haven’t been using e-Cigarettes in mass for very long. But perhaps a Great Issue is it is going to be hard to find a Population which has Only Used an e-Cigarette and who have Never Smoked.

If I am Diagnosed with Lung Cancer tomorrow, was it caused by the 3 Years of Vaping or from the 25 Years of Smoking I did?

I remember when I was about a Year Switch to e-Cigarettes. I went into my MD for a General Check-Up. She said that she was Very Impressed with my Overall Health and was Happy, but reserved, that I had Quit Analogs using an e-Cigarette. She asked me why after so Many Talks about Quiting that I had decided to Quit? I told her I didn’t want to get Cancer. She looked me straight in the eye and said it Probably wouldn’t Matter. I was Shocked.

She Backed up and Explained that All Though quitting Smoking would/was having a Profound Benefit to me Overall Heath, that a Person who had Smoked as Long as I had doesn’t really Deduce their Risk of Developing many types of Cancers by Quitting. It is like the Damage is Done after a certain Length of Time odds-wise.

The other thing that makes things Problematic is that there is No Standard for what is in an e-Liquid. Or how the Vapor is Produced.

If 2,000 Vapers who have Never Smoked were studied, and 5 developed a certain Illness, what Exactly Caused it? Was it a Common Colorant in an e-Liquid that the 5 Used. Perhaps it was that they Used Cartos Mainly vs RBS’s with Cotton Wicks? Or Maybe they were Vapers who used Heavily Sweetened e-Liquids of a certain Artificial Sweetener?

With Cigarette Smokers, there are Basically Two Types. Menthol and Non-Menthol Smokers. But with Vapers, there is Every Possible Combination and Permutation of Chemicals and Vaping Techniques. A Baseline for Analysis is going to be Dfficult to Establish when it Comes to e-Cigarette and e-Liquid use.

So the Long Term Effects of e-Cigarette use are going to be Hard to Derive until there is a Substantial Population of Long Term e-Cigarette Users who have Never Smoked. And who have Used a More Standardized e-Liquid and Delivery System.


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