How to create the biggest Vape Clouds

By | February 28, 2018

Vape enthusiast all around the world are taking “blowing clouds” to a whole new level.  The goal of these “cloud chasers” is to see who can create the biggest vape cloud with a vaping device. Some people call this “Stunt vaping” and their are even vape competitions to see who can blow the fattest clouds. This “sport” not only has fans but teams, sponsors and cash prizes.

Some cloud chasers however are not competing. Their goal is to blow a giant cloud of vapor at the grocery store and force other to inhale their second hand vapor.  These people are giving vaping a bad name and encourage vaping bans and restrictions, as well as negatively influencing the public’s perception on the vape culture.

So in the article I am going to explain how to be responsible while cloud chasing and how not to harm yourself or other with your dope vape clouds.

What is Cloud Chasing?

If you haven’t noticed already people who vape are very passionate about it. Many vapors work constantly on rebuilding their mods, and finding the best setup to blow the biggest clouds. Like anyone else who has a passion or hobbies, vapors want to be the best at what they do because they enjoy it. Cloud chasing is the result of passionate people wanting to have fun. Cloud chasing is vapors doing whatever it takes to blow the biggest clouds.

The most important Tips and tricks for cloud chasing

Now that I have explained cloud chasing I am going to talk about the most important things to understand before you start blowing Fat vape clouds. Cloud chasing can be dangerous so it is important to educate yourself before you start. Follow these tips, and tricks to cloud chase safely and effectively.

Battery Safety:

Uexplosion for cloud articleI’m sure you have seen the news articles of vape mods exploding in people’s faces causing serious injury. This is caused by amateur vapors not understanding how to cloud chase. Never leave a charging battery unattended, this can lead to the battery exploding or catching fire. Also an overcharged battery can have the same results. Use the safest possible batteries, and never use a charger that isn’t compatible with your mod. just have some common sense.


Airflow can make or break your vape clouds. Not enough air coming in could lead to the mod overheating, and if their is too much air it will affect the size of your vape clouds. It is important to find a happy median to where you can blow large clouds, without putting yourself in danger.


Vape juice is critical when trying to be the world’s best cloud chaser. For anyone new to vaping they should use a juice with a blend of both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). This combination helps combat that harsh throat feeling and make your hits much smoother. However a cloud chaser needs a VG heavy E-juice because it creates thicker, and denser vape clouds.

juice final image


Picking the right mod is important to support low resistant coil builds which are ideal for cloud chasing. If your mod is not built properly it can overheat, and possibly explode or catch fire.  Most cloud chasers use mechanical mods because they have excellent airflow and allow for the biggest clouds.  Mechanical mods require extensive knowledge and are not for beginners.


Not only is your equipment important to cloud chasing but so is your technique.  It is obvious that whoever has the most lung capacity will blow the biggest clouds. So if you can only take baby hits this sport is not for you. It is also important to exhale your clouds slowly so they appear bigger and disperse slower. Like a pitcher works on his mechanics, a cloud chaser must get their technique perfect in order to be the best. Do you think Tom Brady became the best quarterback ever because he didn’t practice. HELL NO? I heard he can also blow one sick vape cloud.


Wicking is how your e-juice is delivered to the heating coil. In an atomizer, there is an absorbent wick that helps e-liquid get down to the vaporizing coil.  If you need a visual just picture an oil lamp. The wick in an oil lamp is used to absorb the liquid and then bring it to the fire. It’s the same concept when vaping.  The better the wick the better the juice reaches your coil.


Cloud chasing boils down to how you build your device. You want low resistance of your coils, and the perfect amount of air flow.  The better your mod is built the bigger clouds you will create. Many people ask me what is the best build for cloud chasing? There is no definite answer because there’s so many factors that come into play.

coils final

The potential Dangers of Cloud chasing

Cloud chasing can be a very enjoyable if done correctly. Before you start cloud chasing do some research and gain the proper knowledge on the subject to avoid injury. Educate yourself on battery safety and ohm’s laws. Read articles online, and watch videos on the topic before you attempt to be a cloud chaser. Please vape responsibly! Make sure you are of legal age to buy and use vaping equipment.


Learn about cloud chasing before you try it. If you get injured while vaping you make the whole vape community look bad. The public sees uneducated people blowing themselves up with their vape mods and think that’s the norm. Also if you do decide to become a cloud chaser, don’t blow your clouds in a public area or in the face of others. No one wants to have to forcefully smell your vape clouds. Don’t be that asshole. Most importantly have fun, and be safe.

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