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By | January 10, 2018

Actually, they said “AT LEAST 95% less harmful”.

Cynthia, my opinion is that if you really want to vape, and you’re over 18, then vape. It’s your body, your choice, your life. Pretty much everyone does things all day long that carry some degree of risk, but we don’t stop doing them, unless/until that risk becomes actually life-threatening and nearly-certain — driving cars comes to mind. Most of us DON’T drive them at twice the posted speed limit, because not only would we face pricey tickets, we would endanger ourselves and all other drivers past any sane boundaries — but many if not all of us DO drive at 5-10-20 MPH more than posted limits; why? Because we can; because we’re in a hurry; because some jurisdictions set them purposely low just to provide cashflow. Is it risky? Sure it is; driving a car at all is risky. Getting out of bed in the morning is risky, but most of us manage. And then of course, there’s kitchen knives, and hot stoves. We could probably all make-do with sporks and microwaves, but… why?

As for nicotine… that too, would be up to you. I would suggest a very low level, 3mg or less, because “nicotine naive” bodies WILL respond to nicotine with nausea, vomiting, and other unpleasant symptoms, BUT, nicotine is a very useful substance for some people with certain disturbances, such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, and many, many others — it may even prevent or minimize dementia (Alzheimers or geriatic) and Parkinson’s Disease. If you feel a need for something to aid or diminish or prevent those types of problems but don’t want to go the pharmaceutical route because those meds are too expensive, dangerous, etc, then nicotine might be “just what the doctor ordered.” Yes, nicotine can be very toxic, if consumed in high doses, or for small life-forms like pets and children and insects (it’s a very effective pesticide!)… but adults, using “standard vaping doses”, are not really at any particular risk from nicotine; nicotine by itself, divorced from all the many dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke, is not even terribly dependence-producing; no more than caffeine is, and perhaps even less.



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