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E-cigarette use linked to fat accumulation in the liver

Using e-cigarettes may lead to an accumulation of fat in the liver, a study of mice exposed to the devices suggests. The research will be presented Sunday, March 18, at ENDO 2018, the Endocrine Society’s 100th annual meeting in Chicago, Ill. “The … Source link

Ontario Bans Vaping Anywhere Cigarettes Are Prohibited

TORONTO — Ontario is set to ban e-cigarette and medical marijuana users from smoking or vaporizing anywhere regular cigarettes are prohibited. “We have made a determination that smoking whatever it is — whether it’s vaping, whether it’s medical marijuana, whether it’s cigarettes — that there should be restrictions on that,” Premier Kathleen Wynne said Thursday.… Read More »

RY 4 Tobacco – Vape Juice

great quality Posted by harry enright on Mar 12, 2018 excellent service with prompt delivery and great help desk and a product second to none. Best RY4 available Posted by William Antonelli on Mar 08, 2018 I cannot find another RY4 that is better than this, in that the price, taste, and coil longevity. If… Read More »

Is vaping good? | Yahoo Answers

Cigarettes contains over 2000 toxins. Vaping contains PG, VG, Nicotine, Wire and possibly sugar depending on the liquids. Nothing is good for you, but I can guaranty it’s 99% better than smoking. I used to smoke 25-30 cigarettes and ran out the door first thing in the morning for a stinky. After 8 months of… Read More »

No, the boss’ e-cigarette vapor is not ‘just steam’

Q: I work for a performing arts organization. Over the past two years, several employees have taken up vaping. When they first started, there was constant unchecked vaping in all workspaces. After an initial pushback, some simple ground rules were set … Source link