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Morgellons: The skin-crawling disease that is all in the head

Thousands of people believe they have a bizarre skin condition which feels like bugs biting at their bodies – but some doctors insist the patients are delusional.   Those who say they have the controversial condition of morgellons disease experience intensely itchy skin rashes and sores caused by a crawling sensation, as if insects are stinging,… Read More »

E-cigarette Use Impacts Cardiovascular Function

In 2016 3.2% of adults used e-cigarettes, with more than 2 million U.S. middle and high school students using e-cigarettes in the past 30 days. Electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) have been on the ma… Source link

Is Vaping Bad for You? Common Health Concerns in Vaping

Any new technology comes with health and well-being concerns. The same is true of vaporizers. Despite the fact that vaporizers have been around in one form or another for many years, they have just recently gained public notoriety. Alas, this had made them the focal point of commentators on many sides. As information fills the… Read More »

What We Know and What We Don’t

© Getty Images The dangers of vaping: What we know and what we don’t When it comes to vaping, it can be hard to hear past the biased chatter from both sides to understand what the actual benefits and drawbacks of this new smoking technology are — just as it is with any growing trend… Read More »

Why some Dutch university students are living in nursing homes

In today’s society both young and old increasingly find themselves living in a bubble of like-minded and similar-aged peers. This is especially true of university students who leave home at 18 to live with people of the same age – who have quite often had similar life experiences. Given this, the decision by a Dutch… Read More »

Roku Channels Complete List |

ROKU Channel ROKU Code ROKU Channel Description Nowhere TV H9DWC CBS, ABC, HGTV, Food Network shows. Podcasts and RSS feeds. HGTV HGTV Popular shows from HGTV Food NetworkNighttime FNNIGHT Full Episodes from the Food Network CNN RBFA1 Shows from CNN CNN International CNNI Shows from CNN International Fox Business FOXBIZ Business News from Fox. Fox… Read More »