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Opinion | Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

So I suppose you heard about the latest e-cigarette study, the one that said that the vapors e-cigarette users inhale contain multiple forms of formaldehyde. It was much in the news last week, after its authors, five scientists from Portland State University, published a peer-reviewed letter outlining their findings in the prestigious New England Journal… Read More »

The Low Down on Vapor in the Lungs

Once again we find ourselves listening to the same, tired, repetitive tripe vomiting violently out of the mouths of ANTZ (Anti-Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots).  It generally goes something like this, “There still haven’t been any serious studies on the health effects of electronic cigarettes.”  This statement has been repeated like a broken record, like a… Read More »

What are the Side Effects of Propylene Glycol?

As vaping steadily rises in popularity, its safety has become a topic of serious conversation among vapers and non-vapers alike. As with any new idea that involves ingesting a substance of any kind, people are asking a long list of hard-hitting questions. Is vaping safe? Can vaping harm you? The good news is, most of… Read More »

Is vaping marijuana okay if you have COPD?

Thanks for your input. I understand your position on vaporizers. And I agree many of them still combust which is the bad for you smoke. I just tried your test into a white tissue and no brown spot whatsoever. I live in Washington state, a legal state for cannabis. I only mention this because the… Read More »

Vaping FAQ: Is Vaping Bad For You?

Vaping has become a phenomenon through its sheer rate of adoption. It has gained popularity amongst all age groups for a number of reasons which is not the purpose why we are here today. The Big Question, rather, seems to be ‘Is vaping bad for you?’ or ‘Are vapor pens bad for you?’ When they… Read More »

Top Rated E-liquid with Nicotine for Vaporizers & E-Cigarettes

WHY VEPPO ELIQUID IS PREMIUM QUALITY? These days it seems that everyone has eliquid for sale. How can you tell the difference between good quality eliquid and poor to average? It’s hard to get past all the marketing mumbo-jumbo. VEPPO ELIQUID: THE HIGHEST QUALITY ON THE MARKET Kosher Pharmaceutical Grade eliquid Diacetyl-Free … Read More »

Hawaii lacks enforcement for underage e-cigarette sales

A federal crackdown is underway, targeting illegal e-cigarette sales to minor across the country. But little is being done in our islands. Even though Hawaii was the first state to raise the smoking age to 21 for regular cigarettes and electronic ones two … Source link

Iowa Attorney General tapped for e-cigarette initiative

The Iowa Attorney General has been tapped to lead an e-cigarette company’s initiatives to reduce tobacco use in those under the age of 21. San Francisco-based JUUL Labs, the maker of the e-cigarette device, announced Wednesday it would support state and … Source link