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Gut Flora in Tobacco Smokers and E-cigarette Users Compared

Vapers and non-smokers have the same mix of gut bacteria, whilst smokers have significant changes to their microbiome, found study. Increase in the Prevotella bacteria linked to colon cancer and colitis. Decrease in the Bacteroides bacteria linked to Crohn … Source link

E-Cigarette Use in Classrooms Booms as Teachers Blame Juul Vape

The news came just days after the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started a nationwide crackdown on e-cigarettes, including efforts to stop their sale to minors online. “We’ve seen significant increases across the student body,” Robert … Source link

Should I Worry? The Potential Side Effects of Vaping

Whenever you put a substance in or on your body, it’s a good idea to understand the potential side effects. Despite all of the negative press associated with e-cigarettes, the short-term risks are well understood, and for the most part the side effects of vaping are mild and temporary. That’s not to say that vaping… Read More »

A Look at E-Liquid Side Effects

As electronic cigarettes continue to grow in popularity, they have drawn more attention from government officials and health experts. For many of those government officials, the desire to regulate and tax virtually every new product they encounter makes the e-cig industry an inviting target. Health experts, however, have a less controlling interest in these products.… Read More »

E-cigarette maker JUUL faces challenge from feds

E-cigarette manufacturer JUUL has aimed its product at adult smokers looking to quit. But now JUUL, with its brightly-colored, fruit-flavored refill cartridges, has caught on big with teenagers. The Food and Drug Administration stepped in this week. Source link

JUUL Maker Vows to Combat Teen Use of E-Cigarette

A day after the FDA announced a crackdown on sales to minors, the maker of the top-selling electronic cigarette JUUL outlined steps the company plans to take to combat underage use of its product. Those steps include support of state and federal … Source link