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E-cigarette ads banned after racism claims upheld

A series of adverts in Belfast have been banned after being branded as racist. The billboard poster for Nicofresh electronic cigarettes featured an elderly white woman sitting on a couch alongside a young black man. The man had his arms around the woman as … Source link

How healthy vaping e-cigs is compared to smoking cigarettes

Shutterstock A handful of studies published this year are beginning to reveal the health effects of e-cigarettes, and they are not all positive. While some research has suggested that e-cigs may help adults quit smoking conventional cigarettes, other studies have found that they might encourage teens to start. Scientists have also found evidence of toxic… Read More »

NBC10 I-Team: Parents warned about deceptive-looking e-cigarette

There’s an e-cigarette your teen knows about — but you likely don’t. It’s tall. Sleek. And gets its’ charge from a computer. For the unsuspecting parent, a Juul looks like it belongs in your kid’s backpack. “What is this in my hand?” an NBC 10 I … Source link

AAP, others sue FDA over e-cigarette, cigar rule delay

Adolescents who used e-cigarettes had increased odds of using traditional cigarettes, compared with those who didn’t, and while e-cigarette use was deemed less harmful than cigarettes and may help adult smokers quit, more research is needed on the long … Source link

Some e-cigarette Ingredients are More Toxic Than Others

Washington, Mar 28 (Prensa Latina) As e-cigarette use becomes more popular, particularly among teens and young adults, a new study shows that e-liquids are potentially far from harmless and contain ingredients that can vary wildly from one type of e … Source link

Some E-Cigarette Ingredients More Toxic Than Others

A new study by UNC School of Medicine researchers shows that e-liquids are far from harmless and contain ingredients that can vary wildly from one type of e-cigarette to another. “We found that e-liquid ingredients are extremely diverse, and some of them … Source link

E-cigarette FDA lawsuit

Several major public health groups are suing the FDA for waiting too long to enforce rules on E-cigarettes and cigars. The organizations include the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Cancer Society among others. Last summer, the FDA granted … Source link