Monthly Archives: January 2018

FDA faces new lawsuits over e-cigarette rule

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is facing a new wave of legal challenges over its rules for electronic cigarettes. The Pacific Legal Foundation filed lawsuits on behalf of vaping businesses in district courts in the District of Columbia, Minnesota … Source link

Why the e-cigarette industry needs global regulations

The e-cigarette industry has been increasingly viewed as one of the most disruptive changes in the tobacco market, with vapes now commonly perceived as an alternative to traditional tobacco products. In my own survey of 781 adult vapers, 83 per cent of … Source link

E-cigarette smoke may cause DNA damage and cancer, scientists warn

Smoke from e-cigarettes damages DNA and can increase the risk of cancer and heart disease, scientists have warned. The battery-driven devices, which deliver an instant nicotine “hit” without burning tobacco, have been widely promoted as a safer alternative … Source link

E-cigarettes are what the doctor ordered

(iStock Photo) Even the most ardent e-cigarette enthusiasts hardly ever claim that e-cigarettes are “medicine.” And, by conventional standards, they aren’t. While Chinese pharmacist Hon Li, creator of the first commercially viable e-cigarette … Source link