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Vaping: Does it help people who smoke traditional cigarettes quit?

There are a number of individual testimonials about e-cigarettes helping people quit traditional cigarettes, many using the hashtag #vapingsavedmylife. The California Department of Public Health supports any and all efforts to quit traditional cigarettes. We know the vast majority of people want to stop smoking, but have a hard time quitting.  Knowing how hard it… Read More »

A dangerous new way to get drunk

If you’ve been follow trends online recently you may have noticed that people have given up drinking booze and started vaping it. That’s right the hot new trend among frat bros, and popular media websites like BuzzFeed, and vice is vaping alcohol.  For a while I have been interested in this new degenerate way… Read More »

Vaping a cheaper and healthier option for smoker Lesley

If quitting smoking feels impossible, vaping is a cheaper and healthier alternative. While e-cigarette use isn’t without its own affects on people’s health, Leicester’s Stop Smoking Service actively encourages people struggling to kick a tobacco … Source link

Nightly Brief

The U.S. Fire Administration report shows various forms of vaporizers and e-cigarette products. The item models shown were not necessarily involved in any fires or other incidents cited in the report. 3.) More than 120 lawsuits were filed across the United … Source link

Bridgewater HS To Crack Down On Vaping

“We have zero tolerance for these devices,” Morrell said. “As per Board policy and our student handbook/code of conduct, any student in possession of a vape/e-cigarette will be suspended for three days.” Morrell sent out a letter to high school parents … Source link

Dangers of E-Cigarettes / Vaping: Not a Tool to Quit Smoking

Reprinted with permission of Sharp Health News You’ve seen them in the store, on TV and in the hands of men and women of all types: electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes. These hand-held, nicotine delivery devices heat a liquid that results in the aerosolization of water, propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and flavorings — producing a smoke… Read More »

Can Smokeless Unit Help Altria (MO) Make a Comeback in 2018?

Altria Group Inc. MO , which has a solid base in the tobacco industry, has been bearing the brunt of receding consumer enthusiasm toward tobacco products as well as stern regulations by government bodies. Nevertheless, Altria is not all out of hopes and has been leaning on reduced risk tobacco products to remain afloat in… Read More »