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E-Cigarettes During Pregnancy | What To Expect

As a mom-to-be, you’ll do anything to protect your little one. That means if you smoked before you conceived, you might have switched from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes because you heard they were harmless. Or, if you’re a non-smoker, you might have wondered whether secondhand vapor from electronic cigarettes affects your baby. While there’s still… Read More »

Cigarettes – The Safer Way To Smoke?

Much in the same way that the Kindle gave us a new way to read books, it appears as though technology is giving us yet another alternative to more traditional pastimes – smoking cigarettes. ‘E-Lites’, as they are called, could soon replace cigarettes for smokers up and down the country. Not only are they much… Read More »

Exploding Electronic Cigarettes – Real Danger or Made-up Stories?

Posted by: Florin on May 16, 2012 Under: E-Cigarette Articles | In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, and haven’t heard the stories about electronic cigarettes exploding in people’s mouths and causing sever injuries, we’re here to let you know all about it – why this happens and how you can prevent it… Read More »

eCigs HQ: Teens and E-cigarettes: Smoke without Fire?

Canada’s ham-fisted approach to electronic smoking products continues BY LAURA CONZO BRADYEditor, eCigs HQThursday, September 13th, 2012   Earlier this week CBC Montreal published an article entitled, “E-cigarette teen popularity prompts concerns.” However, the article and the accompanying video report were both woefully short on facts and laden with unsubstantiated conjecture. No statistics or studies… Read More »

Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes | Tobacco Stops With Me

Electronic cigarettes and vapor products have become increasingly popular and accessible in Oklahoma. An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that heats a liquid solution (often flavored) to produce a vapor for inhalation. The dangers of e-cigarettes are just as real as regular cigarettes. According to a 2016 Report of the Surgeon General, the vapor produced by… Read More »

Dangerous hookah, e-cigarette use popular among teens; misinformation, lack of regulation to blame

NateHarris With the official legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington State effective Jan. 1, the legal stance of drug use appears to be shifting toward more lenient policies. While other states throughout the nation are considering similar changes to laws regarding drug use, restrictions on tobacco use remain prevalent, as its use continues… Read More »