Monthly Archives: October 2016

Surgeons issue warning on dangers of exploding e-cigarettes

Burns surgeons are warning of the dangers of electronic cigarettes after treating a string of smokers injured by exploding devices. The call is being echoed by fire chiefs and trading standards experts who are joining forces to highlight the dangers to consumers tempted to buy cheap or imported vaping kits. Plastic surgeons at Morriston Hospital’s… Read More »

Exploding e-cigarettes warning after five vapers burned

Surgeons are warning smokers of the dangers of buying cheap or imported vaping kits (Picture: Getty) Smokers are being warned about the dangers of electronic cigarettes after a number of people were injured by exploding devices.  Bad news, vapers: British doctors don’t want to hand out e-cigarettes on prescription Surgeons are warning smokers of the dangers… Read More »

E-Cigarette Explosions Are More Common Than Previously Thought, Report Says

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