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The facts behind e-cigarettes and their health risks

(iStock) Chances are good that you’ve seen people “smoking” e-cigarettes: inhaling from cigarette-shaped devices, then puffing out clouds of odorless fog. E-cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or electronic nicotine delivery systems, have been on the market for about a decade and are surging in popularity. But there’s widespread disagreement about their safety or any benefits… Read More »

Could FDA E-Cigarette Regulations Help People Quit Smoking? – Tech

E-cigarettes are smoking hot. They are the most popular nicotine-delivery products used by kids and the majority of adult smokers have tried them. E-cigarettes are a multi-billion dollar industry, with the website Yelp tallying more than 10,000 vape shops across the country. Wall Street analysts are predicting that revenue from e-cigarettes will surpass traditional cigarettes in a decade. Given the size of the… Read More »

E-cigs are exploding in vapers’ mouths, leaving gruesome injuries

Burn and trauma experts at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center have treated four patients just since October with face and hand injuries that occurred in e-cigarette explosions. It’s part of a worrisome national trend, officials say. The way his lawyer tells it, 24-year-old Daniel Pickett was driving down a small-town street in Central Washington last December… Read More »

Smoking e-cigarettes when pregnant ‘puts unborn babies at risk’

Pregnant smokers who take up e-cigarettes as a healthier substitute for tobacco may still be running significant risks with the wellbeing of their unborn children. Chemicals present in the vapour produced by e-cigarettes can cause developmental problems in laboratory mice whose mothers had been exposed to “vaping” during pregnancy, scientists said. In Britain, pregnant women… Read More »

Pregnant women should NOT use e-cigs as they could be ‘worse than tobacco smoke’

Women switching to e-cigarettes could be harming their unborn babies, new research suggests Women who switch to e-cigarettes when pregnant may be unwittingly damaging their unborn baby, scientists have warned. The devices harm learning, memory, co-ordination and behaviour, it is feared. Even fertility may be cut, the world’s leading science conference has heard. The researchers,… Read More »