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Teen e-cigarette use triples, but cigarette smoking falls

Electronic cigarette use among U.S. middle and high school students tripled in 2014 while cigarette use fell to record lows, according to provocative new data that is likely to intensify debate over whether e-cigarettes are a boon or bane to public health. Among high school students, e-cigarette use jumped to 13.4% in… Read More »

E-Cigarette, Hookah Use Rises Among U.S. Teens as Cigarette Use Falls

Updated April 16, 2015 8:23 p.m. ET Electronic cigarette use tripled and hookah use doubled among U.S. teenagers in 2014, even as fewer of them light up traditional cigarettes, according to a government survey published Thursday. For the first time, more high-school students puffed on e-cigarettes last year—13.4%—than regular smokes—9.2%. They also tried hookahs, or… Read More »

e-cigarette use – CDC

Current e-cigarette use among middle and high school students tripled from 2013 to 2014, according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention … Source link

Teen smoking, e-cigarette trends see rapid shift

Teen smoking hit a new low last year while the popularity of electronic cigarettes and water pipes boomed, a government report shows. The number of high school students who tried e-cigarettes tripled in one year — to more than 13 percent. Water pipes or hookahs were used by 9.4 percent. But smoking of traditional cigarettes… Read More »

Teen e-cigarette use tripled in the past year

Kieran Thomas smokes an e-cigarette at Digita Ciggz on Jan. 28 in San Rafael, Calif.(Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images) The percentage of teens using e-cigarettes tripled from 2013 to 2014, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two million teens, 13.4% of high school students, used e-cigarettes in 2014,… Read More »

Teens Take E-Cigarette Use To Dangerous New Level

CBS New YorkApril 16, 2015Teens Take E-Cigarette Use To Dangerous New Level Dr. Gordan Strauss, Psychiatrist, Lenox Hill Hospital Watch this Video ————————-HealthApril 17, 2015E-Cigarettes May Not Help Smokers Quit Tobacco, Study Finds Patricia Folan, Director, Center for Tobacco Control, North Shore-LIJ Health System Read this Story ———————-Fios1 NewsApril 17, 2015CDC: E-Cigarette Use… Read More »

Public health Q&A: Are e-cigarettes safe?

Destinee Coenen Published 11:22 a.m. CT April 14, 2015 | Updated 5:27 p.m. CT April 15, 2015 Torin Halsey, AP In this photo illustration, a smoker puffs on an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are being touted as a safe alternative to traditional lighted tobacco products. Studies are looking at the chemical makeup of the secondhand vapor which… Read More »

E-Cigarettes Have Potential to Explode Like Firecrackers Video

Transcript for E-Cigarettes Have Potential to Explode Like Firecrackers Back now at 7:42 with “Gma investigates” and this morning a surprising safety alert. About e-cigarettes. They’ve become a popular alternative for smokers but sometimes can explode like firecrackers, ABC’s Ryan smith is here with the story. Good morning to you, Ryan. Good morning, Lara. Millions… Read More »