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Free E-Liquid for E-Cigarette | Waltham, MA Patch

This post was contributed by a community member. Luxe Vapours is an e-cigarette and supplies store to help smokers switch from harmful burning tobacco cigarettes to vaping! Please mention The Patch and redeem for one free bottle of e-liquid with a starter kit or hardware purchase! Daily Newsletter … Source link

E-Cigarette Dangers for Teens Highlighted by New Study

Electronic cigarettes are often promoted as a way to help tobacco smokers quit the addictive habit. However, a new study adds to the mounting concerns about the safety of e-cigarettes, suggesting that the devices appear to be a gateway to future nicotine addiction among teens.  In a study published earlier this month in the medical… Read More »

E-Cigs and Second-Hand Vaping – Scientific American

Is it safe to bogart that e-cig or even be in the same room with an e-cig bogarter? OK, in this post we’re going to clue you in on some of the potential issues with electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, as they’re diminutively known. But before we do, we need to get one thing straight: Smoking… Read More »

Why Smokers Must Be Shamed

There’s been a lot of whinging and whining the past week. Ever since it was announced that new, harsher, EU legislation on smoking is to be introduced, the pro-smoking lobby has erupted with its usual accusations of nanny state mentality. It’s played the ‘freedom’ card, and insisted that moves such as bans on flavoured cigarettes… Read More »