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Don’t smoke your e-cigarettes indoors, say London’s top restaurateurs

Top London restaurateurs have said diners puffing on electronic cigarette should go outside for their “smoke” after seeing a surge in the number of customers using them. The battery operated devices are not covered by the 2007 ban on cigarette and cigar smoking in public places and are increasingly popular in London’s restaurants and bars.… Read More »

Do e-cigarettes really help quit smoking?

The WHO has slammed e-cigarettes, marketed as a healthier alternative and an effective butt kicker. Two smokers share their honest experience. For years, electronic or e-cigarettes, have been smartly marketed as a ‘healthier alternative,’ topped with a grand promise to wean smokers off the cancer stick. The World Health Organisation though, doesn’t buy it. Earlier… Read More »

E-cigarette explosion causes fire at Wisconsin home

New fire in Wisconsin signals a review of e-cigarette technology Officials explain the root of a problem that is happening across the country E-cigarette sales set to top $1 billion a year By Joel Christie Published: 15:47 EST, 3 October 2013 | Updated: 15:52 EST, 3 October 2013 And they’re meant to be safer. The… Read More »