Live Science Tells Us What Vaping Does to Our Body

Home » Info » What Vaping Does to Your Body : According to Live Science In what I found a very interesting article, a publication known as Live Science put out a report that talked about what consuming vapor products can do to your body. The original article is right here. For today’s… Read More »

Advanced Coil Building: The Alien Coil

Picture From @M.Terk on IG One of the newest trends to hit the vape coil building world is the Alien Coil. This coil is just one of many new coil designs popping up and changing the vape industry. The concept for the Alien coil or Alien wire originated from Instagram user @Blueeyedgoon83, and we are all very happy… Read More »

e-Cigarettes Have Secondhand Adverse Effects

SAN DIEGO — Almost one-third of adverse-event reports for e-cigarettes are related to secondhand exposure, according to a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysis. The numbers are increasing, and complaints are consistent with airway irritation, nicotine exposure, and possible nicotine toxicity. “We need to start to understand these products better, not only in users,… Read More »

The Real Dangers and Health Risks of Vaping

While many studies show some short-term effects on various physical functions, we haven’t seen evidence of long-term problems. Those who fear e-cigarettes say it’s just a matter of time before vapor starts causing real health problems, but most objective investigators aren’t convinced. Toxins like carcinogenic chemicals and volatile organic compounds “We already know you’re breathing… Read More »

Vaping Side Effects | Expert Vaping

Are there any vaping side effects? Yes, in rare cases. They are manageable and often just require a tweak in what you are using. We talk a lot about the benefits of vaping and there are certainly many of them. The strongest evidence of the benefits of electronic cigarettes are the walking, talking human beings… Read More »

Do i vape too much? : electronic_cigarette

Hello. I’ve completely quit smoking for almost a year now thanks to my electronic cigarette, and of course I get a lot of “yeah you quit but you inhale this shit instead” quite a lot from my friends. My GF especially. She still smokes. She doesn’t want to try vaping, she thinks it’s dumb and… Read More »

Bernards High School To Crack Down On Vaping

BERNARDSVILLE, NJ — Beginning Tuesday, Bernards High School will be taking stronger actions against students found in possession of an e-cigarette or vape, Principal Scott Neigel announced in a letter to parents Thursday. “Despite harsher consequences … Source link